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"Every year over 300 million cartridges are thrown away. In terms of weight, that is equivalent to over 30,500 African elephants!"

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Laser Printer: The Next Generation of Laser Printer cartridges are New Compatible or Remanufactured: high quality & save money


Our NEW Compatible or Remanufactured laser printer toner cartridges are the ''next generation'' in laser toner cartridges. Our leading manufacturers use ''High Efficiency Toner Technology'' and more toner to increase the page yield while providing comparable quality and reliability. You can typically save 20 to 50% on their total laser printer cartridge costs, with less than 1% failure rate and increased page yield. Remanufactured or new compatible laser printer cartridges are available for the most popular laser printers in use today.

Since, JETPRINT's toner cartridges are made according to high quality standards, contain more toner than new, are fully guaranteed and recyclable, they are obviously a sound purchase for those who know.

Remanufactured Cartridges: Care for the environment but are they Safe for the printer?

In the past, they used to vacuum out and refill the cartridges. Times have changed and most of our manufacturers pride themselves and really do have ISO certified and reliable cartridges. Our remanufactured cartridges go through a multi-step process with quality control check points at every step. Ongoing research and development ensure that they stay on the cutting edge of the latest cartridge technology. Every Remanufactured laser cartridge component is cleaned, tested, and inspected. Both reliable recyclable parts and high quality new parts are added if needed. The result is a Remanufactured cartridge that produces quality text and graphic images comparable to or better than OEM cartridges.

JETPRINT's high quality, New Compatible inkjet and laser printer cartridges are available for most brands of printers, copiers and fax's, including Canon, HP, Lexmark & Epson. Rigorous testing is included with a commitment to maintaining high standards, with less than ½% failure rate, despite being fully guaranteed to be replaced if found to be faulty.

Remanufacturing is an environmental friendly process while the typical manufacturing process involved in making a new cartridge requires the use of substantial energy. Last year, of the 71 million newly manufactured laser printer cartridges, 48 million are now in landfills - at three pounds a piece, that is a total 144,000,000 pounds of plastic that will take over 1000 years to decompose. These figures include ONLY laser printer cartridges, not the 400 million inkjet printer cartridges produced and discarded each year!

The average amount of times that a cartridge can be refilled is 1 to 5, depending on the condition of the cartridge when inspected. The utilisation of remanufactured cartridges is guaranteed and will result in a substantial reduction in the number of inkjet and toner cartridges being produced and subsequently disposed into landfills every year, thus, decreasing manufacturing costs to the consumer's benefit.

What is the refilled (inferior) process?'

The refilled toner or cartridge process is a cartridge that is neither new, nor remanufactured, but is just refilled with toner or ink. There is nothing else done to this refilled cartridge other than it might be boxed. If you have tried a Recharged Toner Cartridge, and did not have much success then you must have received a refilled toner cartridge, not a Remanufactured one.

How is a Remanufactured Toner Cartridge different from a Refilled Toner Cartridge?
A Refilled Toner and a Remanufactured Toner Cartridge were both originally OEM's. However, in the Remanufacturing process, every cartridge is disassembled for inspection, thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt to the stringent specifications. These specifications consistently produce Remanufactured printer cartridges of the highest quality with performance equal to or better than OEM's as their respective ISO Certificates indicate. Worn parts are replaced with premium quality parts, including the photoreceptor drums of the laser toner cartridges. This process is designed to assure top-quality remanufactured toner cartridges that are guaranteed against failure.
A Refilled Toner Cartridge is not rebuilt or changed in any way. It is just refilled so we at JETPRINT are only dealing with new compatible and remanufactured cartridges, not re-fills.

Ink Jet vs Laser printing: Decrease your fixed costs now !

We are trying to convince departments to move toward the use of laser printers with new compatible or remanufactured toner cartridges in order to decrease their fixed costs. Inkjet printers are cheaper to get but mechanically inferior, and the print cost per page, in ink alone, is 5 to 15 times higher than lasers. A laser printer can make a zillion copies for years and use new alternative or remanufactured cartridges for economy. These Toner cartridges usually have 20% more toner than OEM's, and cost savings can be up to 50% over OEM's.

A lot less money for… alot more copies. However, if you want to be able to print in color, keep a few high-end inkjets around. JETPRINT's new alternative or remanufactured cartridges are just as reliable, contain more toner and sell for a lot less than OEM cartridges.

New Toner : What is really a NEW Toner Cartridge?

A Toner cartridge made by an Original Manufacturer is generally considered as NEW, usually referred to as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). However, these so called ''new'' OEM cartridges are many times made from re-used parts, as seen on some packaging boxes and declared by the following statement:
So in essence, you are getting a Remanufactured item and paying for a BRAND NEW TONER !
Should I buy new toner OEM?
This decision is up to you: JETPRINT’s High Quality Remanufactured and NEW Compatible toner cartridges boast the same or better success rate than the ''new'' OEM's, contain more toner for increased page count, are guaranteed to be replaced if found to be faulty, have a less than 1% failure rate and are considerably less expensive.

Ink Jet Cartridges: How can I save on my inkjet Cartridges?

Have you noticed that the price of a good quality inkjet printer is getting more affordable these days? The bad news is that if you do not watch out, you will spend more for your inkjet cartridges than you did for the printer!


LASER TONERS, things to watch...

1. Scratched Drum in your toner cartridge:
A scratch will result in a thin straight line printing from the top to the bottom of your print page.

2. Chipped Drum in your toner cartridge:
A chipped drum will result in a dot or a series of dots to print 3 times per page.

3. Light Damaged Drum in your toner cartridge:
A light damaged drum will result in a shaded area printing on some part of your page that should be white or black. It will most probably repeat 3 times per page.

4. Bad Wiper Blade in your HP Ink jet printer
A bad wiper blade will result in a vertical gray line printing from top to bottom of your page or a gray shading across the width of you page. In either case, a thin layer of toner will be left on your cartridge drum.

Never attempt to print with a near empty ink cartridge!

The print head, which is the engine of your printer, may or may not be located inside the cartridge and houses hundreds of tiny, delicate nozzle assemblies. Each nozzle assembly consists of a tiny ink chamber, a resistor that controls the flow of ink, walls that guide the ink to the right position, and a nozzle plate with a hole, from which the ink will be sprayed onto the printer paper.

After each time a nozzle fires, a new supply of printer ink is automatically drawn into its chamber, to be ready for the next time. When the printer is told by the computer to print a page, the copper circuits at the end of the cartridge send a message to the nozzle's resistor, which then heats the nozzle's ink supply just enough to cause it to expand and to force a drop of ink through the nozzle onto the paper.

The ink which flows through each nozzle-assembly functions as a lubricant and coolant for the nozzle: if there is no ink in the chamber when the resistor turns up the heat, the nozzle assembly will quickly warp and break apart -- the resistor can reach a temperature of hundreds of degrees very quickly! If the print head is allowed to begin this process of burnout (i.e. if the ink cartridge is not refilled or replaced promptly), the damage may range from poor print quality (streaks or lines across the page, bad coloration, light or dark patches on the page) to serious damage of the printer.

Why do I have missing parts/lines of letters on a printed page?

Missing lines occur in the inkjet cartridge when one or more heater elements in a print head burn out. For that reason, it is a good idea to take out your inkjet cartridge for replacement as soon as you see light or faded characters. While there are no replacement parts for inkjet cartridges, you will be able to replace it when your old cartridge fails. Common symptoms of a burned out print element are: top of characters don't print, bottom of characters don't print, white line or lines through print characters are present.


If you need a print immediately, you can set the spool to start printing as soon as it gets enough data to create the first page of the document while forcing your application to wait until that first page is transferred to the spool.

If you prefer to continue working with your application, you can set the spool to start printing after it has received the entire document. This moves the printing operation to the background. To configure the printers Spool Setting, select Start | Settings | Printers. In the Printers window, right-click on the icon for the printer you want, and in the popup window select "Properties". In the printers Properties dialog box, on the "Details" tab, click on the [Spool Settings...] button.

In the Spool Settings dialogue box, set the radio button for "Spool print jobs so the program finishes printing faster". Then set the radio button for either "Start printing after last page is spooled", or "Start printing after first page is spooled".

If you need a print super fast, you can set the radio button for "Print directly to the printer". This bypasses the spool entirely.

If you print only an average of two pages per day, the annual cost of ink could be more than the cost of the printer.

How to Clean Clogged Inkjet Printheads

Over time, (especially after long periods of no printer use) the many tiny holes that make up a modern inkjet printer's head can become clogged with dried ink. Most printers today have some sort of cleaning routine where either you instruct the printer to go through a cleaning cycle via a program on your computer or you press a sequence of buttons on the printer itself to begin the process. A number of these cleanings, in succession, will usually take care of a clogged head--but not always.

On some inkjet printers, the ink cartridge contains the print head, so changing the cartridge gives you a new, unclogged print head. However, some print heads are part of the printer itself, and can only be replaced by a service technician, at a cost usually close to the printer itself.

Isopropyl alcohol (91% alcohol) is a great solvent for this sort of dried ink. By removing the black cartridge from the printer and dropping 7-10 drops of alcohol down in the ink-receptacle area, where the ink cartridge normally sits and the ink flows, we can get the results we want. Then, after replacing the ink cartridge and running few cleaning sessions (probably 15-20), the head would clear up.

To avoid such blockages, it is a good idea to print something, both in color and black & white (if you have a color printer), once a week or so just to keep things moving.

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